What does Loose Change do?


Loose Change provides money for:

•   the rent of the house that NOCET occupies

•   salaries of the Matron [Joyce], the Co-ordinator [Adams] and Matron's assistant;

•   all the education costs – fees, materials, books, uniforms – of the full-time care and supported children and young adults;

•  clothing for the full-time orphans, twice a year;

•  and, sanitary napkins to enable girls to attend school all year.

Loose Change continuously strives towards:

•   increasing awareness of NOCET through public speaking and presentations to community groups and organisations

•   actively seeking new sponsors, donations and fund-raising to cover ever-increasing costs

•  and, the possibility of funding a purpose-built, permanent family home.

before loose change

with loose change

Loose Change makes a difference

A visit to the orphanage in September 2013 was a truly heartwarming experience. Accompanied by Kerry and Jacqui – 2 Loose Change sponsors – we saw just how established NOCET has become since moving into their house, New Year’s day 2012. It has grown and is thriving: 4 new children being cared for, and over 30 Nursery and Kinder students now attending classes.
Due to NOCET’s growth, another teacher, and an assistant to Joyce have joined the staff. At present, these positions are not salaried. The house is truly a home, a wonderful community resource to the neighbourhood. There is also a new Project Coordinator [also unsalaried].

The sheer grind and hardship of cooking, cleaning and washing, and caring for the children has been greatly eased with the purchases made possible by Loose Change. And this is hugely appreciated by Joyce, who can’t stop smiling. Loose Change purchased all the items on NOCET’s wish-list. Thanks to the amazing fund-raising effort by Eastwood PS and others in August 2013, there was money left over to buy shelving for the storage room [to keep food off the floor]; bulk drygoods [flour, rice, beans], washing powder, soap and cooking oil, as well as new clothing for the orphans.

Jacqui’s dentist donated toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss; a sponsor bought 10 ‘bouncy’ balls, which were a great hit; another sponsor gave an Aussie Rules football with pump. When we first visited NOCET in 2011 all the children had for toys was a flat, dusty soccerball that had lost it's outer skin, and a box of bottle-tops.

Our latest visit in September 2017 allowed us to witness the continued growth and development of all the children and young adults in NOCET’s care and support.


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