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2019 Loose Change Calendar sold out

Thank you to all the sponsors and friends who bought the 2019 Loose Change Calendar, raising vital funds to ensure the continuing education, housing and care for the 25 children and young adults we support.


Open Garden, 23 September

Thank you to the Cooper family for hosting another fabulous Open Garden for Loose Change. Delightful children waiting on visitors sitting and enjoying this delightful garden. Thank you all.


Eastwood Primary School has done it again!

Thanks to the generosity of the Eastwood community, August is Loose Change Month has collected $4,013.80. This money goes directly to the New Outlook Centre Tanzania and will help to provide an education for the orphans at the centre.

The collective total of loose change collected by Eastwood since 2013 is a staggering $21,879.20. Many thanks to the teachers for providing wonderful educational opportunities throughout the month and for the families who so generously donate so these kids can continue to have an education.

Week 1 of “August is Loose Change Month”

Kurboroo Kindergarten donated $135.45. Huge thanks to the team there.

“August is Loose Change Month” kicks off

Following the 2018 Eastwood Primary School Production performance on 3 August, $383.50 was collected. Thanks to all the generous parents and friends of Eastwood.



“August is Loose Change Month” raises $3843.85

We'd like to thank you all! $3843.85 was collected from all the fundraising activities at Eastwood Primary School.


“August is Loose Change Month”

We shook a couple of buckets at the end of the Eastwood Primary School Junior Production on 18 August. $700.80 was collected to kick off August is Loose Change Month.


Visit to Tanzania

Along with 5 sponsors (and friends), and Pier, Sheryl led a group to visit NOCET, as well as go on safari and spend some days in Zanzibar. It was a wonderful opportunity for these sponsors to meet the children and staff that Loose Change supports with its fundraising activities.


Pier addresses U3A group

Pier visited the Croydon U3A Tuesday morning Sketch and Paint Class to update the artists on the forthcoming visit to Tanzania. This group supports Loose Change each month by collecting change after class and dropping it off for banking to Sheryl.


2017 Loose Change Sponsorship Scheme calendar sold out!

120 calendars were printed and all were sold. After costs, over AUD1686 was raised!



“August is Loose Change Month” raises $5995.90

We'd like to thank you all!

Eastwood Primary School, including cake stalls and car wash – $3124.90

Extra donations from very generous, regular sponsors – $1650.00

Cooper Family Open Garden – $1221.00.


“August is Loose Change Month”

We shook a couple of buckets at the end of the Eastwood Primary School Production on 29 July, and raised $624.75 to kick off August is Loose Change Month.


2016 Loose Change Sponsorship Scheme calendar sold out!

150 calendars were printed and all were sold. After costs, over AUD2500 was raised! This allowed Loose Change to transfer AUD13,000 into NOCET’s bank account. It guaranteed there were sufficient funds required to pay for: enrolling all the students supported by Loose Change into their Nursery, Kinder, Primary, Secondary, College and University studies; rent and salaries for January–April 2016; uniforms, shoes and socks, books and textbooks; breakfasts, security and other school fees; sanitary napkins so that no young adult misses out on valuable school time.



2016 Loose Change Sponsorship Scheme calendar – order now!

We are proud to offer a quality calendar for sale. A3 finished size, $20 each.


Loose Change shopping tour a success!

1 bus, 34 shoppers, over $1600 raised! Huge day and huge thanks to Evelyn who organised the tour and put together the show bags; the generous people and companies that donated items for the raffles and show bags; and, the family, friends, workmates and others that came along for a magnificent, enjoyable day.


“August is Loose Change Month” fundraising tally

We are proud to announce that $3061.15 of loose change was collected in August!

This is a fantastic effort and we gratefully thank everyone that supported August is Loose Change Month, including those of you that ran or initiated fundraising events.

All at the New Outlook Centre Tanzania send their greetings and express their thanks for their chance at education with the real potential for a brighter future.


Book now for the Loose Change Sponsorship Scheme Shopping Tour

All the details are in the flyer below.

Thanks to all our supporters

$24,760 was collected from sponsors, donations and fund-raising in 2014–15 … wonderful! We sent over $28,000 to NOCET in the last financial year. To put this achievement into perspective:

January–June 2012 we raised $4,282 and we sent over $3,539.

2012–13 financial year we raised $14,748 and sent over $12,968.

2013–14 financial year we raised $22,291 and sent over $21,189.

To date that's a grand total of $66,081 raised and $65,696 sent to NOCET!


PayPal now accepted

It’s even easier now to make one-off, or ongoing donations to Loose Change! Use your PayPal account to make a direct donation. No fees, no fuss, no bank queues nor periodic payments to set up. Using PayPal makes it easy to send money to us when that coin jar fills up, family and friends are feeling generous, or if you prefer present-givers to donate to Loose Change rather than accept gifts.


2015 raffle – 932 tickets sold, $1864 raised!

Congratulations to Cheryl Langford from Heathmont, who won the 1st Prize. The other winners were:

2nd prize – Heather Eisermann

3rd prize – Ken McKenzie

4th prize – Elissa Merritt

Huge thanks to all the booksellers, and buyers of tickets.

Sheryl speaks at Mountview Uniting Church

Sheryl addressed the congregation with an update on what’s been happening at NOCET over the past 6 months and more.


2015 raffle

We need every dollar we can raise to ensure uninterrupted eduction for the kids at the NOCET orphanage. 4 great prizes, only 1500 tickets being sold.



4 new children at NOCET

Emmanuel, Sara, Jackline and Amani have joined NOCET. Sara and Jackline will live at the centre during the week, then join their parents on the weekend. The boys, Emmanuel and Amani, are single-parent orphans.

Two weeks ago, we didn't have the money to cover all the costs, let alone pay for the schooling of the 4 new primary students. Thanks to the many people who have bought Xmas vouchers as gifts, put in over and above their normal sponsorship, or made one-off donations, we have raised $2,379.10 in the past 2 weeks. This means 4 new students will be starting their primary education in early January and they will be lining up in new uniforms, new shoes and socks and have breakfast in their tummies.


Marcus' stall

A young student at Sheryl's school raises $25 for NOCET. Showing initiative, and a good head for commerce, Marcus set up a stall at his home. He penned the following note, proud of his achievement.


“August is Loose Change Month” is a success

Sheryl is proud to announce that $2671 was raised during Loose Change Month by the Eastwood Primary School community. Other donations bring the total up to $3648.20. Dorah's university fees, accommodation and food for 12 months are covered. In addition, Adams finally receives some salary ... huge thanks to everyone who supported this initiative!

August 2014 is Loose Change month!

Can we top Loose Change month, August 2013? There is a long list of needs for which every dollar and cent will be gratefully received.


Thanks to all our supporters

2013–14 financial statement – over $22,000 collected by sponsors, donations and fund-raising … fantastic!

Monthly sponsorsAnnual sponsorsDonationsBank interestTotalPayments madeBalance$11,603.602,360.008,160.00112.3522,236.00–21,189.601046.40


Formal partnership with Mountview Uniting Church

Loose Change Sponsorship Scheme is proud to announce that it has entered into a formal sponsorship arrangement with the Mountview Uniting Church. Drawing on its Going Further Fund, Mountview will sponsor Loose Change to the tune of $600 a year, helping fund NOCET’s work among the poorest and most disadvantaged children in Tanzania.


NOCET walkathon fund-raising event

As part of their Community Based Learning studies, a group of grade 5 students from a school in Ringwood asked their year level to find sponsors. The task was a 2 km walkathon, each student [and their teachers] carrying a litre of water on their head. The group had recently learned that Joyce [Matron] carried 20 litres of water on her head, five times a day. This was before Loose Change moved NOCET into their current house, which has running water. The children managed to raise $610. They will decide whether this money will go towards Dorah's university fees or a washing machine to help ease Joyce's workload even more.


Latest newsletter

Our second newsletter has been emailed to sponsors and supporters.

Revamped New Outlook Centre Tanzanaia website goes live. Click to visit


Sheryl speaks at Croydon U3A Artists Group


Loose Change website goes live

Rent increase, education costs increase



Rent increase, education costs increase

Our budget is going to take a hit in January 2014. We’ve been informed that the rent of NOCET’s house will increase by 50% – yes, 50%! Plus, education costs will also increase for all the children NOCET is responsible for. So, we need more sponsors, donations, and plans for  fund-raising.


Sheryl speaks at the Mountview Uniting Church [MUC]

Sheryl addressed the congregation with an update on progress we saw in September at NOCET.

MUC Community Day 2013

Sheryl had a stand at MUC’s Community Day to spread the word about Loose Change.


Leader newspaper article

A follow-up to the July article appeared in the Maroondah Leader, 29 October 2013.


Visit to Arusha

Accompanied by Kerry and Jacqui – 2 Loose Change sponsors – a 10-day visit to NOCET, to check on progress. We met the new children cared for by the orphanage, as well as new staff and plenty more Nursery and Kinder students. Fund-raising money was spent on much-needed items.

Camberwell High School

Sheryl addresses Year 10 students who raised money to buy a TV for NOCET.


Loose Change Month

August was Loose Change Month at Eastwood Primary School. For 4 weeks, students brought in ‘loose change’ that they had collected as a major fund-raiser. Eastwood’s efforts, along with other community donations, raised over $5000 to fulfill NOCET’s wish-list, and more. What an incredible achievement!

U3A Croydon Quilters donated 10 quilts – made with love – for Joyce and the orphans.

Sponsors gave money for a set of swings to be built.


Leader newspaper article

Sheryl was interviewed for an article on the forthcoming fund-raising efforts of Eastwood Primary School. Maroondah Leader, 30 July 2013.

Soup morning

MUC hosted a Soup Morning, after a Sunday morning service, as a fund-raiser for Loose Change.


Sheryl speaks at U3A Croydon Tuesday Quilting Group

As a result the quilters collect their loose change and bank it once a month for LCSS. They also plan to make quilts for the orphans for us to take over in September.

March 2013

Maroondah Bushwalking Group

Sheryl speaks at a meeting of the Maroondah Bushwalking Goup.



MUC Community Day 2012

Sheryl was invitied to have a stand at MUC’s Community Day to spread the word about Loose Change.


Armchair Travel

Sheryl speaks at a meeting of a local Armchair Travel group.


Open Garden fund-raiser

An MUC family from Ringwood North opened their beautiful garden as a fund-raiser for Loose Change. They were inspired to do so by Sheryl’s talk at MUC in June. Just over $1000 was raised. Thankyou!

Eastwood PS Pyjama Day and Market Day

$1641 was raised to purchase a fridge, gas cooker, bed and a laptop for NOCET.


Sheryl speaks at Mountview Uniting Church

Sheryl was invited to speak at MUC about the work of Loose Change with a presentation.


NOCET moves house

With the direct assistance of money fund-raised in 2012, the orphanage is moved to a rented house.

The Loose Change Sponsorship Scheme [LCSS] launched

Sheryl launches LCSS, inviting family, friends and colleagues to pledge at least $10 per month to support NOCET. Her target was for 50 sponsors.



Meeting all at the New Outlook Centre Tanzania

Sheryl and husband Pier travelled to Arusha to spend 4 weeks with the children and staff of NOCET. The purpose of the visit was:

•  to determine the needs and budget of NOCET

•  to check on the living conditions of the children and staff of NOCET

•  to assist with bulk buy of education stationery, and food, with funds raised earlier in the year

•  to assess that a ‘sponsorship scheme’ Sheryl had in mind was indeed feasible.



A chance meeting

On our first trip to Tanzania, we met Peter Makemo, Samuel’s nephew, who told us about NOCET.


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